Prisoner of Guantanamo: Abdul Salam al Shehry

“Prisoner of Guantanamo: Abdul Salam al Shehry” Age 15

Portrait of Alexandra

Portrait of Alexandra oil on canvas by Susan Beebe 16 x 20

Portrait of Chris in Guatamalan Shirt

“Portrait of Chris in Guatemalan Shirt” oil on canvas 24 x 18...

Bailo the Clown

“Bailo the Clown” oil on canvas

Portrait of Fiona

Portrait of Fiona oil on canvas 48 x 24 inches 2010, by...

Heather in her Prom Dress

“Heather in her Prom Dress” oil on canvas 48 x 24 inches...


“Jonathan” oil on canvas

Julien Covos

Julien Covos oil 20″ x 16″

Prisoner of Guantanamo: Mohammed el Gharani

“Prisoner of Guantanamo: Mohammed el Gharani” Prisoner of Guantanamo age 15 oil...


“Noémie” oil on canvas 20 x 16 inches by Susan Beebe 2006