Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice, acrylic on canvas.

Gibbous Moon Rising Over Morse Island

“Gibbous Moon Rising over Morse Island” oil on canvas by Susan Beebe

Salt Marsh, Shorebird Habitat

“Salt Marsh, Shorebird Habitat” oil 17″ x 14″

Tar Sands 1

“Tar Sands 1″ tempera and glitter glue 11″ x 13.5”

Where the Woods Meet the Beach, Hog Island, Maine

“Where the Woods Meets the Beach, Hog Island, Maine” oil on canvas...

Ginger Ale and Gold Gloves

“Ginger Ale and Gold Gloves” oil on canvas

Blow Down

“Blow Down” oil on canvas

Mother and Father, Island Cemetery

“Mother and Father, Island Cemetery” oil on canvas 32 x 20 inches...

Chestnuts with Maple and Ash Leaves

“Chestnuts with Maple and Ash leaves” oil on canvas 16 x 12...

Elephant Tree

Elephant Tree oil on canvas

Island Forest, Early Fall

“Island Forest, Early Fall” oil on canvas 48 x 24 by Susan...